Upload Cinema brings the best internet videos to the big screen. Every few months we present a fresh, thematic program of captivating web films, linked to a special theme. The audience submits web films; a team of editors picks the best ones and compiles a programme of around 90 minutes from the bunch, which is screened in cinemas and on special locations.

Why are we doing this? Where can you find us? How do I start my Upload Cinema? Here, you will find answers to this kind of questions.

The Pop Up City (English)

Upload CInema Amsterdam

The contemporary web creates opportunities for for new types of content produced in completely different settings and styles. Every Internet user has the ability to make good stuff and distribute it through the web. There seems to be one rule to become big with your product: quality wins!

As a consequence another type of new short movies has emerged. Without paralysation by Hollywood conducts and discussed at cocktail parties, but set free in terms of production and distribution.