5 Teasers for How To

Need some inspiration before submitting videos for How To? Or are you simply looking for a few nice videos to watch? Here are a few How To-teasers for you to enjoy.

Above: Separate Egg White From Yolk

Separating egg white and yolk can be an annoying little endeavour. Maybe not anymore though, thanks to a... plastic bottle? Greg's Kitchen's Youtube channel is filled with handy kitchen tricks, but few match this one in popularity.

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Did you enjoy your Nintendo 64 as much as this kid, back in the day? You did, right?


Teasers for All I Want For Christmas

Need more inspiration for your search for All I Want For Christmas? Keep reading for a few teasers to guide you in the right direction.

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5 Super Nature Teasers

Now that the Super Nature line-up is almost ready, we can say with a bit more certainty which videos have made the cut. Here's a new Top 5 of teaser videos!

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A history of hoaxes on Dutch TV

The whole world is talking about the flying hoax by 'Jarno Smeets'. It's about time UC anchor Dagan Cohen took us through the best hoaxes of the web on Dutch TV.

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