Upload Cinema brings the best internet videos to the big screen. Every few months we present a fresh, thematic program of captivating web films, linked to a special theme. The audience submits web films; a team of editors picks the best ones and compiles a programme of around 90 minutes from the bunch, which is screened in cinemas and on special locations.

Why are we doing this? Where can you find us? How do I start my Upload Cinema? Here, you will find answers to this kind of questions.

Soon in a cinema near you?


Every few months, Upload Cinema produces a brand new program. Although the theme is known a month in advance, the content of the program (the line-up op videos) remains a secret until the evening of the screening. So, in way we offer something of a surprise program.

Since we we're getting so many requests from cinemas, film programmers and independent curators to screen our programs, we developed a ‘franchise package’. This means we offer venues our programs and the means of communication to involve the audience on a subscription base. An important part of that ‘package’ is a content management system which enables the venue to run a local Upload Cinema website and send out newsletters to its audience.

Our dream is to have an Upload Cinema in every city. Why not? The formula is simple, the program is great fun and the only thing you need is a beamer and an open-minded audience.

Interested to learn more about the possibilities of presenting Upload Cinema in your city? Please contact us.



Upload Cinema occasionally collaborates with various organizations, companies and institutions. These collaborations come in different shapes. Sometimes a partner and we co-produce a program that also becomes part of our regular, monthly screenings in Upload Cinema theatres; in other cases a brand or an organization just wants become ‘theme sponsor’ and be connected to a specific show. We also make tailor-mades or specials that are screened for an exclusive audience and at a venue of choice. Since we produce a program each month, we’ve built quite a catalogue of titles by now, which are available for rent.


Upload Cinema is a small organization with a big dream: An Upload Cinema in every city. So yes, we are looking for sponsors, partners and supporters, resourceful people that are enthusiastic about the concept and want to help spread and expand the idea. Whether you’re a brand or an institute operating in the field of cross media, a blogger crazy about online video or a digital film distributor, we’d love to partner up with you and see how can share knowledge and resources. Got a great idea or suggestion? Don’t hesitate to drop us a line!